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Shark & The Wolf: Predators and Prey - Daniel D. Shields Shark & The Wolf is a modern tale for adults. I am not talking about a cute fairy tale here because the book doesn't save the reader from brutal scenes, bloodthirsty schemes or heartbreaking chapters.

The book paints a real picture about the cruel men's world - about us actually - through personification of the animals. In this world the animals have evolved to a degree where they can speak, they can live among people, some of them have lost some of their features (arms and legs instead of fins), but still they are slave to the people, without any rights. They play the way people want them to play and their only use is to entertain people.

Still despite of the sometimes cruel environment, Daniel D. Shields managed to spice things up with fine humor; a shark who hates to swim and getting wet in water? :) Considering the author's background in pool related things I wasn't surprised to see that our heroes were pool aces, real pool sharks as well :)

I called this book a tale for the reason that in the end the evil and the good ones will get what they deserve, but the author left one question open to me: until there will be demand for these kind of sick "animal hunger games" just for the purpose of entertainment, what will prevent it from happening again?

I received this book through the Goodreads giveaway program. I want to thank Daniel D. Shields for the opportunity to read his great book and for the kind letter he sent me with the book. Thank you again! :)