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Wintergirls - Laurie Halse Anderson This was a very special book, I can say it ripped through my flesh...

Anderson used very effective tools to describe Lia's situation: the writing style, the synonyms, the metaphors made the book so alive, I could even feel the smells, the tastes, the lights and the shadows.
The books is from Lia's point of view and as I have never met anyone with this problem before it made me understand her much better, now I can relate how false her self-concept was, how dissatisfied she was with her body and how different she saw herself in the mirror.

While I was reading the book one thought was in my mind constantly: what would I do if it turned out that my child had the same problem? How could I help her in such a devastating situation where she wouldn't listen to others around her and all the war should happen in her head?

Who is responsible for this kind of disorder? Parents? School? Environment? All of them together? What is that tiny trigger that is needed in order to fall to the other side?