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Sempre - J.M. Darhower All my credits to J.M. Darhower because she managed to write such a brilliant story where there are no werevolves, angels, or supernatural and still the reader is tossed into hell and lift to heaven through this book.

This is a contemporary novel about 2 young adults who had grown up in two totally different worlds.
Haven is a slave girl and Carmine is the son of a Mafia member and their fates connect in one point from where none of them can return.

The book talks about existing serious problems like modern-day slavery and I'm sure this topic is not even known to some of us as we have never met this before. According to http://www.slaverymap.org/, there are 27 million people living in slavery today, and it is unbelievable in the 21. century.

Still Darhower shows the situation very-well through the eyes of Haven when she just couldn't do or know normal things we encounter every day, she has fears of little things even to call the people around her on their names.
Darhower makes these unbelievable things believable to the reader.

The characters in the book are not just white or black, no one is pure evil or pure saint and that made the book so enjoyable to me. Of course as time goes by we got to know the motives of the characters, so we can understand why they did something or why not.

Sempre was a really good book, a well-written story about love, hope, connection of two different worlds and of course sacrifice.

(Disclaimer: sorry for my English, it is not my mother tongue :) )